The Best Biking Trails In Georgia

Whether you are traveling into Atlanta, Savannah, or any of the other cities in the state of Georgia, you might feel compelled to get a little bit of exercise. In fact, your sole purpose of traveling into the state might be to go on a bike ride, seeing sites and scenery that you have never seen before. For those that have no knowledge of the different biking trails that are in this state, there are actually quite a few. Some of them have hundreds of rave reviews about how wonderful they are, as well as how challenging they can be for both novices and experts.

Why Would You Want To Go Biking?

There are two main reasons that you should go biking when you get to Georgia. First of all, it has some of the most beautiful countryside in all of the southern states. You can even see crocodiles and snakes that are in their natural habitat. This might be frightening for some people, but it is an exciting experience that many people will appreciate.

Silver Comet Trail

Right outside of Atlanta, just below Marietta, is a little city called Smyrna. It’s part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, and it’s one of these locations where you can have one of the best bike rides. This does not necessarily have to be a bike ride, as many people actually jog this trail. It is easily marked, and is very beautiful for miles. It’s one of those trails you never have to worry about because there is so much traffic. It is one of the most popular in the state of Georgia.

Chehaw Park

This place is a little different because it is more of a park than it is actually a bike trail. However, you can ride your bike there and really take advantage of the scenery. You will see many different animals, including crocodiles, which makes sense because you are in an area where they would actually be able to live. Although they will not harm you in most cases, it’s good to stay away, and just keep riding your bike.

These are just a few of the trails that you can go on if you decide to do some biking in Georgia. It is recommended that you stay in Atlanta if you want to do the biggest one. Either way, you are going to find many beautiful locations throughout Georgia where biking is possible, allowing you to enjoy the scenery that is so incredible outside of the confines of the metropolitan area.